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What is "Forward Women"?

In celebration of Women's history month, Forward Women is born under the "HumansWe" umbrella.

The intention is to showcase what living in an all-inclusive world could look like, share perspectives from visionaries and highlight success stories from a diversity angle.

An all-inclusive human being gracefully embraces and celebrates their individuality as part of a whole.

They build bridges, connect, educate and include. They seek to understand, to learn and to help translate what others fail to see.

In 2019 we are putting the spotlight on career and professional women of all color, race, orientation and background for them to be mentors, guides and inspirations for the next generation after us.


A forward woman is someone who stands confidently amongst all and is connected.

In service of growth in herself and those touched by her, the only kind of human being she is in competition with, is herself.

Her mindset moves us away from “it’s a men’s world” and towards “It’s OUR all- inclusive world”.

She is all-inclusive, yet gracefully embraces and celebrates her individuality as part of a whole.

Welcome, to the year of the forward women.

With love inclusively,


A very special THANK YOU and HUGS to: Kristen Mangione, Mariel Alvardo, Jackie Grandchamps, Renee Jensen, Evelyn Rogan Quigley, Anita Belle, Avivit Vita Fisher, Viraj Mehta, Andrew Romano, Rich Carter, Anna Kuzmina, Sheri Furguson Guyre and Darya Bavykina for taking time out of your day this past January for a photo shoot that was part business, part philanthropy and because by whom you were being as a whole, inspired this platform.

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