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Avivit Fisher's All-Inclusive World

Forward woman Avivit Fisher was asked:

- What does living in an all-inclusive world means to you?

- Why is it important to you?

She is a smart, articulate and professional woman you know has made her research. Her impressive amount of hours of experience transpires through her work.

She is a forever learner, which is her fuel to continuously improve herself and deliver her best.

Find out her all-inclusive world story and contribution in her article:


Today, 1 in 5 adults in the US have experienced a mental health issue. Despite this alarming statistic far from all of them are being treated. There are several reasons for that; remote locations, financial ability, shortage of workforce, stigma and others. But there is another important one.

Sometimes people just don’t know who can actually help them.

In 2015, I became a victim of an apartment building fire. I have lost every possession that I had together with my decade long work portfolio and my pet. After it happened I was desperately searching for information on dealing with the post-traumatic stress that came after the fire. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything useful and encouraging that would lead me to the right psychologist. I was searching for a specific solution to a very specific life problem without knowing the condition that I was suffering from. It took me over a year to find the right therapists to talk to.

I later understood that there is a gap in communication between the people in need of mental health help and the information that clinicians offer online. This revelation presented a major opportunity for me to contribute to our society through the knowledge and expertise that I have. I decided that I wanted to help close that gap a little by helping therapists promote their services and reach the people that actually need them.

I believe that we, as human beings, are always searching for personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose that ultimately leads to happiness and harmony within ourselves.

When we really tune in to our inner voices and the world around us we can find the opportunities for self-fulfillment. For me, my personal tragedy and the ability to reflect on it showed me that I can use my experiences and my work to help others without taking a different career path.

Mental health issues don’t discriminate by age, gender, nation or race. We are all susceptible to stress, trauma and illness. Creating awareness and helping clinicians reach people with mental health issues is a unifying theme for me and many others involved in this. I strongly believe that this is a growing problem here and worldwide that needs to be talked about, treated and healed.


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AVIVIT FISHER founded REdD Strategy (which stands for Research, Evaluate, Define, Design)

with the idea of helping small business owners connect with prospective clients through effective marketing and impactful branding. A year ago her focus has shifted to working with therapists who are growing their private practices. She is an avid Mental Health advocate and wants to help clinicians reach the people who need and search for their help.

She started her career as a designer and worked in marketing environments, designing product brands, corporate identity and marketing campaigns. It was during that time that she felt the need to learn more about the business side of creativity, earning a Masters degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute.

Since then she has have helped small business owners write business plans, develop marketing strategies, create authentic brands and hone their message. Her work has helped her clients increase sales, successfully, enter new markets and take their businesses to the next level.

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